Simple Email & MailChimp Subscriber



Simple Email & MailChimp Subscriber is the super easy and user friendly mailchimp subscriber plugin for your website.

âž¡ Super Easy to use, Search Install Active And you Done!
âž¡ Subscriber will saved also into WordPress Database
âž¡ Ajax Form Submission
âž¡ Use [wpmsems-subscriber-form] to show subscriber form anywhere in your website.
âž¡ Subscriber Form Manage from Admin Setting.
âž¡ Subscriber List in Dashboard
âž¡ Subscriber List Delete
âž¡ Admin Notification after new subscriber
âž¡ Customizable Admin Notification email.
âž¡ Responsive Design
âž¡ Developer fiendly
âž¡ Plays well with other Plugins
âž¡ Subscriber List Export as CSV
âž¡ Builtin Elementor Widget
âž¡ Connect with MailChimp and Auto Syc Subscriber into MailChimp Subscriber Form.
âž¡ Subscriber Form Builder.
âž¡ Works with any standards compliant WordPress theme

Shortcodes included with Woocommerce Events Manager

 Use [wpmsems-subscriber-form] to show subscriber form anywhere in your website.

If you want to use multiple subscriber form in a page you need to assing a unique id to every form.

 Use [wpmsems-subscriber-form id=UNIQUE ID]



  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.

  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins screen in WordPress


Yes its a Free version.

Use [wpmsems-subscriber-form] to show subscriber form anywhere in your website.

for multiple form into a same page you need to assign a unique id to each subscriber form, Use [wpmsems-subscriber-form id=UNIQUE ID] to show subscriber form anywhere in your website.

You can easily export the subscriber list as CSV format, Just go to the subscriber list, click the the Export CSV button from the top, Boom! CSV file will be download with all your subscriber list

Yes! We also love elemontor as much as you. So we created a elementor widget for the subscriber form, So you will find the widget into elementor General widget section, Drag it to your website section and start to customize the subscriber form.

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