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Slideshow SE provides an easy way to add a slideshow to any WordPress installation.

Any image can be loaded into the slideshow by picking it from the WordPress media page, even images youve already uploaded can be inserted into your slideshow right away!

Fancy doing something crazy? You can create and use as many slideshows as youd like, with different images, settings, and styles for each one of them.


  • First (rough) stab at a Gutenberg block
  • Create as many slideshows with as many slides as you like
  • Image slides
  • Text slides
  • YouTube Video slides
  • Responsive
  • Place it anywhere on your website
  • Run multiple slideshows on the same page
  • Change animations and handling
  • Customizable stylesheets


  • Bulgarian (87% bg_BG Translated by Ilko Ivanov)
  • Chinese (65% zh_CN Translated by Kevin Tell and Leo Newbiesup)
  • Czech (81% cs_CZ Translated by Edhel)
  • Dutch (100% nl_NL Translated by Stefan Boonstra
  • English (100%)
  • Finnish (83% fi Translated by A. Nonymous)
  • French (91% fr_FR Translated by Romain Sandri)
  • German (99% de_DE Translated by Markus Amann and others)
  • Hebrew (53% he_IL Translated by Eli Segev)
  • Italian (83% it_IT Translated by Tecnikgeek)
  • Japanese (82% ja Translated by Michihide Hotta)
  • Norwegian (99% nb_NO Translated by A. Nonymous)
  • Persian (100% fa_IR Translated by W3Design)
  • Polish (83% pl_PL Translated by Wicher Wiater)
  • Portuguese (92% pt_BR Translated by Piero Luiz and others)
  • Portuguese (83% pt_PT Translated by Filipe Catraia)
  • Russian (100% ru_RU Translated by Coupofy and Dmitry Fatakov)
  • Serbo-Croatian (91% sr_RS Translated by Webhosting Hub)
  • Spanish (51% es_ES Translated by Violeta Rosales)
  • Swedish (91% sv_SE Translated by ke Isacsson and Wilhelm Svenselius)
  • Turkish (83% tr_TR Translated by ?lker Akdo?an)
  • Ukrainian (100% uk_UK Translated by Coupofy)

Need the (uncompressed) source code?

The forked code is available on GitHub.
The original projects source code is also in a GitHub repository.




This plugin provides 1 block.

  • Slideshow SE A slideshow block


  1. Install Slideshow SE either via the plugin directory or by uploading the files to your server.

  2. After activating Slideshow SE, click on Slideshows and create a new slideshow.

  3. Click on Insert Image Slide to insert an image slide, a popup will appear where you can search for the desired
    image. Insert the image by clicking Insert. The same goes for text and video slides, dont forget to save!

  4. Add the slideshow to your post.
    If you are using the Classic editor, go to a post or a page and click the Insert Slideshow button above the editor. A popup appears where you can select your newly created slideshow to insert. You can also use the shortcode or code snippet visible in your slideshow admin panel to deploy your slideshow anywhere on your website. Use the widget to show any of your slideshows in the sidebar of your website.
    If you are using Gutenberg, add a new block and search for Slideshow or choose Common > Slideshow from the blocks list. Choose the slideshow you want to add from the popup menu.


Click the Image slide button in the Slides List of the slideshow. A screen will pop up where youll be able to search though all images that have already been uploaded to your WordPress website. If you want to add new images to the slideshow, or you do not have any images yet, youll have to upload them to the WordPress media page first.

Just like the posts and pages youre already familiar with, slideshows can be edited. Go to the Slideshows tab in your WordPress admin, and youll see a list of slideshows. If you have not created a slideshow yet, you can do so by clicking Add new on that same page. If there are slideshows in the list, click on the title of the slideshow you want to change the settings of. On the slideshows edit page youll be able to find a box titled Slideshow Settings, in this box you can change the slideshows settings.

If youre creating multiple slideshows that should have the same settings, but their settings need to be different from the default settings, you can change the default settings by going to the General Settings page and clicking on the Default Slideshow Settings tab. Newly created slideshows will start off with the settings you set there.

On your WordPress admin page, go to the Slideshows menu item and click on General Settings, then go to the Custom styles tab. Here youll see a list of default stylesheets, such as Light and Dark, and a list of custom stylesheets; The ones you created.

Choose a default stylesheet youd like to customize and click Customize to open the Custom style editor. When youre done editing click Save Changes and go to the slideshow youd like to style with the newly created stylesheet. In the Slideshow Style box you can now find and select your custom stylesheet. You can set a stylesheet for multiple slideshows.

If youve already created a custom stylesheet, you can edit it by clicking Edit. You can also delete it by clicking Delete. Be careful with this though, a deleted stylesheet cannot be retrieved and cannot be used by any slideshow anymore.

Yes you can. On your WordPress admin page, go to the Slideshows menu item and click on General Settings, then go to the User Capabilities tab (If youre not already there). The privileges that allow user groups to perform certain actions are listed here. To allow, for instance, a contributor to add a slideshow, click the box in front of Contributor to grant him the right to add slideshows.

Note that when you grant someone the right to add or delete a slideshow, youll also automatically grant him or her the right to edit slideshows, as this right is required to add or delete slideshows. The same is true for the reversed situation.

  • The slideshow is mostly called after the tag, which means the scripts and stylesheet need to load in the footer of the website. A theme that has no call in its footer will not be able to load the slideshows scripts.

  • Often when the slideshow isnt showing, theres a javascript error somewhere on the page and this error has caused javascript to break. For the slideshow to work again, this error needs to be fixed. Check if any errors were thrown by opening Google Chrome or Firefox (with Firebug installed) and press the F12 key. Errors show in the console tab.

Internet Explorer is a very strict browser, so when a big blank space above your slideshow is showing your page may contain some invalid HTML. Most times invalid HTML is caused by placing the slideshows shortcode or PHP snippet into an anchor tag () or paragraph tag (

), while you can only place a slideshow within a div element (


Good question! There are a couple reasons I am forking this plugin. First, I maintain a site that has hundreds of slideshows and, to be honest, its more rewarding for me to update the plugin than it is to find a new one and manually convert all the slideshows to whatever the new one is. Secondly, there is a real dearth of good quality, FREE slideshow plugins for WordPress. Im not saying this one is the best, but its pretty good and more or less honors WordPress UI. Theres nothing worse than installing a new slideshow plugin only to find that your admin interface is now an ungodly color with giant, weird fonts and icons and your slideshows are now being stored in the cloud for a monthly fee. Ugh. So, primarily Ill be maintaining this fork to suit my needs but I will entertain suggestions or pull requests. Im (probably) not going to rewrite this plugin, but I will work to keep it functioning in the up-to-date versions of WordPress and Ill implement new features as I need them (i.e. the Gutenberg block, which I hope to improve).

Well, first up is to improve the Gutenberg block. I want to add a preview so that you can see what your post will look like on the backend. I have some good ideas on that front. Also, I want to beef up the video slide option. Just having YouTube doesnt cut it. That will probably mean a new slide type and deprecation of the YouTube slide (but I wont drop support for the current YouTube slides). After all that, Im thinking about supporting either Bootstrap carousel or Slick carousel in addition to the original version. Or maybe both. I need to do some analysis to see if one is easier or if both are possible.

Absolutely! I will look at all pull requests on the Github repo. If you have any feedback or suggestions or want to volunteer, please post over on Github. While I will monitor the WordPress Support forums, I spent a lot of my day on Github so Im more likely to see your post over there. Thanks in advance for your help in make this the best slideshow plugin available for WordPress, free or not!

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