Smoove abandoned cart trigger for WooCommerce



The plugin allows you to capture all of the abandoned carts in your Woo store and transmit the carts shopper data to your Smoove account so you can easily recover those carts.
The plugin fires the cart and shopper data to the Smoove platform, where it can be managed, streamlined into an automation or stored for future use.

Start by going to the Smoove settings;
Enter an API key from your Smoove platform.
Set the cart lifetime interval to the desired value.
Set what should be done with shoppers which are already contacts in your Smoove account but are unsubscribed or deleted.

After settings are completed go to the Plugin Test page:
Enter dummy details of an imaginary contact and click Test.
If the settings were done successfully you should see a Code 200 message OK and that dummy contact will appear in your Smoove account at the All contacts list.

In the All Abandoned Carts page you can view the history log of previous carts which were abandoned in your store since you have installed the plugin.

How can you find the abandoned carts info in your Smoove account? Those details will be transmitted to an Abandoned cart trigger which you can add to your automation canvas.
Once the plugin identifies an abandoned cart it will transmit that data which will arrive in your automation where you can manage it in any way you wish add the contact to a new list, update fields, send an email, etc.

The data transmitted includes the shoppers personal info as well as a cart recovery unique URL and the list of abandoned products.


  1. In your Smoove account create an API key.
  2. Please make sure that you have installed WooCommerce.
  3. Go to plugins in your dashboard and select Add New.
  4. Search for the Smoove abandoned cart trigger for WooCommerce, install and activate.
  5. Enter the Smoove settings in the plugins menu and enter the API key and follow the instructions in the description.


If the shopper in hand is an unsubscribed contact in your Smoove account it will not be transmitted unless elected otherwise in the plugin settings page.

Once an email has been entered in the checkout page then the clock starts. If the purchase was not completed within the cart lifetime then this will be considered as an abandoned cart.

The shopper may be an existing contact in your Smoove account which elected to stop receiving emails and/or sms from you, go into that contacts details to look for those settings which should

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