Social Media 2 WordPress for Google+



This is the free version of Social Media 2 WordPress / Complete which supports multiple profiles and G+ pages, comment imports, deeper post history, filter imports by hashtags, feature images and more! Click here to upgrade.

Social Media 2 WordPress for Google+ allows you to continuously import posts (including photos, albums, videos and links) from Google+ to your blog.

Whether you are looking to populate an otherwise quiet blog, supplement your more regular long form content, or simply focus your efforts on the Google+ platform without losing your WordPress audience. You can schedule your import, setup your template and let the plugin handle the rest.

With regular, photo, video, link and reshared posts all supported what more do you need to help solidify your online presence.

The following features are available in this version of the plugin:

  • Single-click sign on to authorise your Google+ Account
  • Custom import schedules to ensure that your blog is not left wanting for content
  • Complete control of how your posts are formatted with easy to use templating
  • Control over sizes of images displayed on your blog



  1. Upload the sm2wp-google-minimal directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory or upload via the plugins section on the admin section of your blog
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress
  3. Configure the plugin via the SM2WP / Google+ Link in your Settings menu


Click on the Connect Profile from Google+ button in the top right of the screen. Follow the Google Prompts until you are redirected to the plugin settings page. Choose an author from the dropdown beside your profile in the Connected Profiles section and click Update Authors. Wait until the scheduled import time is up, or click Run Now to manually trigger an import.

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