Sola Support Tickets



The easiest to use Help Desk & Support Ticket plugin. Create a support help desk quickly and easily with Sola Support Tickets.


  • Manage support tickets (pending, open, solved)
  • Adds a Submit Ticket page to your website
  • Receive email notifications for new support tickets
  • Receive email notifications for support ticket responses
  • One support agent
  • Priorities Add priorities to your support tickets (low, high, urgent, critical)
  • Internal notes

Premium Add-on

  • Custom front-end help desk showing new, open and closed tickets
  • Multiple support agents
  • Support tickets can be made private or public
  • Add popular tickets to your help desk page
  • Macros (add predefined responses to your support tickets)
  • Assign tickets to other support agents
  • Allow guests to submit support tickets
  • Choose a default ticket status
  • Upload files to support tickets and responses (HTML 5)
  • Link your help desk to an email address and automatically create support tickets when emails are received
  • Themes for the front-end help desk page (coming soon)
  • Customize your help desk through the use of shortcodes
  • Enable CAPTCHA on your support ticket submission form
  • Departments
  • Get the Sola Support Tickets Premium Version for only $29.99


Get a free copy of the Sola Support Tickets Premium version in exchange for translating our plugin!

  • English (default)
  • German (Michael Schulz)
  • French (Raymond Radet) (Etienne Couturier)
  • Spanish (Io)
  • Dutch (Johan Omlo)
  • Italian
  • Croatian (Sanjin Barac)
  • Bengali (Mayeenul Islam)
  • Portuguese Portugal (Miguel Madeira Rodrigues)
  • Danish (Kenneth Wagner)
  • Turkish (Cahit Cengizhan)



  1. Once activated, click the Support Tickets in your left navigation menu
  2. Edit the settings to your preference.
  3. Wait for your first support ticket


When activated, the plugin automatically creates a Submit Ticket page where users can submit support tickets. Once a support ticket has been submitted, you will be notified via an email. To view the support ticket, log in to your wordpress admin section, click on Support Tickets in the left navigation and then click on Edit. At the top right, you should notice options to change your support ticket status as well as assign a ticket priority. Notifications are sent out when there is a new support ticket as well as when there are new support ticket responses these can be changed in the settings page.

The Submit Ticket page is created automatically upon activation. To edit, please go to Pages in your left navigation and edit the relevant page. Please remember to keep the shortcode on the page so that the submit ticket form shows correctly.

In the basic version of the plugin, only a Submit ticket page is created. Should you wish to add a fully customizable hel
p desk to your front end that shows public open/closed tickets and a search feature, please consider purchasing the premium version of the plugin for only $29.99 / year. Updates included forever.

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