Stock Exporter for WooCommerce



This plugin allows you to export a simple report, in a CSV file, with all the products, or only the ones where stock is managed, and its current stock on WooCommerce.
The file is UTF-16, comma-separated and the values are enclosed in double quotes.


  • Generates a simple CSV file report with the current WooCommerce products stock;
  • Its also possible to see the report as a HTML table directly on the plugins admin page;
  • WPML compatible;


  • Use the included automatic install feature on your WordPress admin panel and search for WooCommerce Stock Exporter.
  • Go to WooCoomerce > Stock Exporter and click on Export WooCommerce Stock to generate the report.


This is a free plugin. Its our way of giving back to the wonderful WordPress community.

Theres a support tab on the top of this page, where you can ask the community for help. Well try to keep an eye on the forums but we cannot promise to answer support tickets.

If you reach us by email or any other direct contact means, well assume you are in need of urgent, premium, and of course, paid-for support.

Use the wse_screen_new_header action, with a priority higher than 10, to add your own CSS. Example here:

You can also add any HTML using the wse_screen_new_header and wse_screen_new_footer filters. We are using priority 10 to add the HTML file structure, so you should use a value higher than 10 for the header and lower than 10 for the footer.

Nop! WooCoomerce Stock Report on a CSV file or HTML table. Thats it.

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