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In English:

No spam in comments. blocked by Invisible internal token-code with ajax.

This plugin blocks 100% of spam messages in the author of the environment.

It blocks spam without using the CAPTCHA input-field.

There is no modification of display the comment form.

(but the commnet which is posted by spammers manually via browser is not blocked by this plugin)

In Japanese:




???????CAPTCHA??????????Bot???????????????????100%???Bot????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????javascript?CAPTCHA?????????????????????????????Bot??????????????





  • Japanese (ja)


email to contact[at]
twitter @sxmtz



You can either install it automatically from the WordPress admin, or do it manually:

  1. Upload sz-comment-filter folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.


No setting is necessary.If its Activated, itll begin to block the spam comment.

When you choose Comments in the admin menu, its shown report. e.g.Total 3 spam comments were blocked .
(If the report was not shown,then please check Screen Options section.)


The blocking function is implemented by JavaScript(AJAX) and invisible 2 input field.

The first input-field is input token-code by JavaScript.When post comment button was pushed, AJAX goes to have token-code.
This fields is hidden by JavaScript.
The spam-bots can not set valid token-code. the comment will be blocked because it is spam-bots.

The second input-field is honey pot fields.this fields is hidden by css-define.
This field is hidden for the user and user will not input to its empty everytime.
But spam-bots is tricked, and something is input the comment will be rejected because it is spam-bots.

When you choose Comments in the admin menu, its shown report.
it is displayed count of blocked. and show the rejected post-data.(The latest 10 case)

The log data are max 10 records.Its overwritten from old data.

The trackbacks are blocked everytime.
You may enable trackbacks if you use it.
Edit the sz-comment-filter.php file and find $szmcf_settings and allow_trackbacks of elements change to true.

User can post comment without JavaScript.when must be enter token-code manualy.

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