THE Leads Management System: 59sec LITE



59sec Helps Companies To Follow Up Leads Under 59 Seconds!


  • #1. Earn THOUSANDS of extra $$$ each month! Faster Response Times = More Money For You.
  • #2. MEGA differentiation versus your competition! Be faster and more responsive than the others and clients will see it.
  • #3. WOW factor your clients will LOVE you! Exceed expectations by being insanely fast with 59sec.
  • #4. A happy face each time you get a new push notification! The most awesome sound in the world? Cash flowing in.


Follow up a lead in 5 minutes vs 30 minutes means 21x MORE chances to close the sale!

Source: MIT & Kellogg study, published in Forbes

Basically, we will whip your sales/support team to do their job properly and FOLLOW-UP the leads ASAP, not after hours or days!:)


  • #1. The potential client generates the lead on your website, via a Contact Form 7 plugin
  • #2. All of you, sales agents/bosses gets notified
  • #3. First agent available, from mobile or from computer, GRABS the lead
  • #4. The lead is assigned to him/her. The counter stops. The agent calls the client. The client gets SHOCKED
  • #5. After the call finishes, the agents opens the CRM (59sec CRM or his CRM)
  • #6. If a lead is not grabbed in due time, the agents gets reminders on mobile/email.
  • #7. If a lead is not grabbed in 30 minutes, the boss receives a BOSS NOTIFICATION: Hey, you invest in marketing and your team could not grabbed the lead. You are wasting money. Check out to see if they are overwhelmed.

Bonus, you have statistics and many other cool features.


  • Connects your site to your sales agents mobile devices (iOS, Android and Windows).
  • Sends push notifications to your sales agents when a new lead is generated. Youll here a cool cash register sound each time you have a new lead
  • Reminders that youre wasting money: after 10 and 30 minutes since lead generation moment. Also boss notifications. In sales, speed is crucial!
  • Leads entry source: Contact Form 7 plugin
  • Sales agents can grab and respond to leads from phone, tablet, computer. Super easy!
  • Statistics so you, the boss, will know how effective is your sales team. Who to fire and who to bonus for job well done
  • Time tracking each lead has its own seconds counter, to monitor the response time. Faster responses => More conversions
  • CRM a simple CRM to help lead nurturing (59sec ENTERPRISE has integration with any CRM from the planet)
    • Time taken for each lead
    • Lead date
    • Agent who grabbed the lead
    • Lead content
    • Status selector
    • Comments editor
[Questions? Visit, give us a buzz on go-at-59sec-dot-com or call us at +1.800.203.8244!]



  1. Upload the 59sec-lite folder to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory.

  2. Activate the 59sec lite plugin in your WordPress administration interface.

  3. Set up the plugin. Specify the Entry Source from the existing Contact Form 7 forms.

  4. You put everybody from the sales team to install the 59sec mobile apps from AppStore or Google Play.
    Under notification tab, you will get a Secret Key (32 chars, alpha numeric). Insert this key on the mobile app, to connect the app to your site.

Thats it! You can start testing it on your own server :).

This is a video how to test 59sec (both lite and PRO)


Remember, grasshopper:
A great weapon produces great results ONLY if the soldiers are using it properly.

Sales Agents->
Sales Managers/Bosses/PPC Gurus/Owners ->


Step 1. After the sales agents are notified of a new lead, one of them (the first available) will enter on the site (via phone/tablet or computer) to actually grab the lead. The counter will stop, so the sales manager will know how lazy or how professionals are they.

Step 2. After grabbing the lead, the sales agent should immediately call the potential client.

Step 3. After the call, the sales agent should set the right status of the lead + enter some details. The lead nurturing should continue, until the status become final.

Step 4. Look at the statistics, so you know how good/bad is the situation.

Using 59sec lite really boost conversion, if its done properly. Just do it properly then

If you need help, tips & tricks, support, contact us via  Thanks in advance!

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