Ultralinks bring all the intereseting, useful or relevant information about anything you see on the internet, straight to you, with just one click.

Hyperlinks have their place, but ultralinks can do so much more. Ultralinks can perform many of the same functions hyperlinks do, but better. Ultralinks can even do many things that hyperlinks cant do at all. They can take your website to the next level.

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Cleaner, Denser Content

Ultralinks are all about making the internet cleaner and less distracting. Ultralinks were designed to be unobtrusive and only have a visual callout when the user is interested in exploring them.

Not only does this make for cleaner, less interrupted content, but it also means that a page can easily contain a much higher density of ultralinks than hyperlinks. All while keeping things neat and tidy.

Web authors can always style ultralinks individually when they want to bring attention to specific content.

Just Write

Web authors dont need to fret about what to link and what not to link anymore. Every significant thing mentioned in an article can, and often should, have a link on it.

Now you dont have to debate about linking just the first instance of something or worry about optimal linking density. Just write. Ultralinks from or other databases are added automatically.

Learn about how the central database can do all the linking work for you (for free!).

Monetization That Isnt Annoying

Ultralinks improve websites and the browsing experience by connecting web surfers with the information they want. Sometimes they might want to quickly and easily purchase a product or service they see. As the web site owner, you deserve your cut!

If you have an affiliate account with PHG, Linkshare, Amazon or eBay, those link types are associated with your account. That means that you keep 100% of the commision from any sales.

Annoying ads or inline affiliate links are no longer the only ways to make money from your content. You can now monetize, without compromise, and keep your site beautiful. You can have your cake and eat it too.



Follow the standard WordPress plugin installation procedure and active it through the Plugins menu.
An Ultralink menu will be added to the sidebar through which you can configure your settings.

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