Uptime Robot Plugin for WordPress



This Uptime Robot Plugin for WordPress lets you show your uptime server stats from Uptime Robot inside the WordPress admin area and if desired on pages, posts or in a widget. You can show multiple monitors on your preffered place using a simpel shortcode.

Simple installation and configuration

Admin side

  • Settings, choose wich monitors to be enabled, move offline monitors to the top
  • View all monitors including status, duration and details
  • Drag and drop to order monitors
  • Logs with offline/paused status history
  • Response time charts for all monitors
  • Shortcode guide
  • Custom caching time

Client side

  • Customize styling

  • Display uptime stats anywhere with a shortcode [uptime-robot]

  • Display logs where you want it with a shortcode [uptime-robot-logs]

  • Display a response time chart where you want it with a shortcode [uptime-robot-response]

  • Custom front end shortcodes (see shortcode page inside admin area).

Check out the live demo @Aphotrax



  1. Upload the files and folder in the zip file uptime-robot-nh to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.

  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress

  3. Enter your API Key and monitor id(s) on the settings page

  4. Place a shortcode anywhere you wish.


Yes, you can upgrade without a problem to the new version. Just be info
rmed that the shortcodes with -nh in the end are not supported any more. Also some attributes in shortcodes have been changed. I would advise you to check your shortcodes and settings after upgrading. All old settings/options will be deleted from your WordPress installation, only the main apikey will be copied to the new database.

Please upgrade PHP to version 7 or higher to get the ordering correct. Without it you will have to choose if you preffer offline monitors to the top with ordering by id, or manual ordering.

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