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The plugin automatically hides unused Admin Menu items and adds search box for menu items

If you use a lot of plugins each of them adds their own admin menu item. The admin menu grows more and more. And though you dont use the majority of menu items, they bother you to find the certain menu item.
This small plugin solves this issue AUTOMATICALLY. It means you dont need to enable or disable some menu items manually. If you use a menu item it is on the menu if you dont use it a certain time (which you can set in the settings) it will be hidden but youll have access to them anyway.

Plugin Features

  • Search menu and submenu items
  • Auto hides unused Admin Menu items
  • These settings personal for each user
  • Reset settings
  • Reset clicks to start collecting data and hiding unused menu items from scratch
  • Set Menu Items which should be always shown or hidden



We have no information about which menu items you use right after installing the plugin. The changes will be shown in 7 days by default or you can set Start in option to 0 days if you would like to see changes immediately.

It means you used all menu items for the last 7 days ( by default ) and there is nothing should be hidden for now

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