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This plugin uses the W3C Push API to allow you to send push notifications to anyone who visits your site and signs up for notifications.

Once youve installed and configured this plugin, anyone visiting your site/app in browsers that support the W3C Push API (Firefox and Chrome, at the time of writing) will be asked whether they want to receive notifications from your site. You will immediately be able to send push notifications to anyone who consents.

Configure the plugin in the Settings > Web Push section of your WordPress installation. Here you can set various pieces of configuration, including:

  • The title for push notifications that appear from your site
  • When to attempt to register your visitor for push notifications (e.g. after how many visits)
  • Which types of events should trigger push notifications (e.g. new posts, comments, updates to posts)

N.B.: This plugin requires your website to be served via HTTPS. Indeed, for security reasons, browsers enforce the HTTPS policy for the Push API and for Service Workers.



  1. Download and install the plugin from the plugin directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress

Follow these additional steps for setting up GCM (Google Chrome) support. In the Settings > Web Push section of your WordPress installation are configuration settings for this plugin; there you will find additional information for setting up GCM.


browser support for the W3C Push API currently exists in Firefox, Chrome, and Chrome for Android, with others likely to follow

That depends on the browser! Each browser will display your notifications somewhat differently, but in general the notifications will look appropriate for the device/OS/browser on which they are displayed

The plugin is configurable; it is possible to modify when a visitor is prompted to accept push notifications (e.g. on the third visit to the site). Additionally, browsers may decide to suppress this notification, for example, if a user at one point selected a never ask me again response.

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