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Try something more than just conventional product bundling. Woo Choice Plugin helps you to create exciting functionalities and experience on your website. Add exciting and innovative features to your site, not just related to product bundling but some other exciting features as well.

In this plugin we provide the following features, at the time of installation you can select the features you want and the plugin will enable only that feature:

  1. Ring Builder (for WooCommerce Jewelry sites)
  2. Pair Maker (for WooCommerce Clothing sites)
  3. Bonus Features
    • Filters for Shop/Category Page (e.g. On Independent Diamond Feed Page)
    • Options UI for Item Page(Swatches)
    • Specifications View for Item Page
    • Shortcode Filters for Home
    • Price Control(Beta)

You can read more about each feature in the section given below with the title “UNDERSTANDING FEATURES”.

For demos on each feature please have a look at the demos section.

Our apologies to keep you waiting for the updated documentation, we are happy to say that we have just released the beta documentation, please check it out and be sure to send us your valuable feedback that helps us improve.

For Jewellery/Diamond Websites

In addition to ring builder, we support many other features for jewelry & diamond websites. There is a list of features and tools that can help you ensure that your site achieves the level of industry best UI and features. We recommend that you take a look at the list of features For Jewellery/Diamond Websites and take your site to next level.

For any Inventory

It does not matter to which category your website belongs to if you are selling anything that you think can be sold in a pair/bundle then this plugin is absolutely for you. Our philosophy is to provide technology that enables users to make bundles of their choice that is why the name product bundle (of) choice and this becomes truly exciting for users when they have a preset recommendation set by website admins. This is a chained products solution for WooCommerce for creating a navigation based experience for mixing and matching any woo-commerce products with added benefits of full control over customization, alternate UI widgets for different kind of layout and navigation style and the list goes on, foundationally, our vision and philosophy was to enrich websites with the perfect UI and efficient functionalities when it comes to stepped navigation based buying experience.

In short, Woo Choice Plugin — also known as WBC — an acronym for Woo/WooCommerce (product) Bundle Choice since we enable choice based product bundling which can take the buying experience of users to a whole new level. WBC supports every kind of inventory where it is possible to create pair or bundles based on users’ choices/needs and the use cases are immense from fashion to help the user assembling fashion accessories to assembling gift boxes, helping the user choose right pair of home decor items to cosmetics, automobile accessories to pharmaceuticals and the list goes on.

For Diamond Filters & Feeds

Apart from the array of feature/tools for jewelry/diamond websites one of the important features for diamond sites which you may like is the nice & efficient diamond feed pages with advanced filters with controls to customize them as you may like. In addition to that we provide alternate templates for filter UI so out of our collection of templates, one should fit with your website theme and appeal. Diamond feeds & filters UI plays an important role for any diamond sites especially because there is the norm of UI flows and aesthetics and we follow them and strive to bring the best to our users. “There are 3 demos for diamond feeds” demo 1, demo 2 and demo 3 for more details on demos please visit demo section below.

To setup Diamond Filters & Feed, see the installation tab above it’s easy to setup and get started.

If your website is related to real/natural diamonds or lab-grown diamond or cvd diamond etc. or even both(our plugin provide the option to enable both filters on the same page) then also Woo Choice Plugin has a lot to offer to you especially features and tools related to diamond feeds ranging from a wide range of free customization options available in this free plugin to customizing filter functionality deeply and 360 video view etc.

Diamond APIs are also important when you are running a diamond site under our single extension Diamond API Integration Extension we support the integration of all popular APIs like Rapnet, IDEX and so on(You can check the full list in extensions section below) as well as you can request to integrate support of any missing APIs in addition to that if your diamond inventory is coming in csv through the FTP folder then we support the FTP based integration too.


For details on setup see the installation tab above it’s easy to setup and get started.


This ring builder plugin developed to bring to our users all features and flows that are possibly required as per industry standards. We strive to cover all features and flows that are popular in online jewelry & diamond websites. While developing the ring builder feature we have kept in mind all the complexity and challenges that website admins go through like setting up filters and mapping between diamonds and setting mounts is a tiresome task if the backend operations are not developed keeping in mind the ease of use and easy maintenance. See free Demo


The other challenge any website/admin faces is the efficiency given that the complexity of jewelry inventory is a bit challenging to achieve both efficiency and ease of use at both backend and frontend sides. We are happy to say that we have solved this problem very well and excited to avail this plugin to the WooCommerce community. This is only a part of our offering for jewellery & diamond websites, besides ring builder you can benefit from many other features that this plugin offers which make it easier to create jewelry website with little efforts, believe us as long as you have WordPress installed and theme setup all you need is installing this plugin and you will have your jewelry store setup. So in short, if you are building a jewelry or diamond website then we recommend that you take a look at list of features that we offer. Visit this page to see all different features we offer

Like said above, anybody who is related to jewellery business does know that jewellery inventory is complex and contains many parameters when it comes to metal or diamonds, we offer tools to make work easier to setup them(with help of sample data) and manage them efficiently. In fact, we have been doing research from time to time regarding the intuitiveness of interfaces as well as backend to easily manage and run say for example Ring Builder and many other modules related to jewellery or diamond websites. We offer fully customizable options with an industry-standard experience, try it and take your site to next level.

2. PAIR MAK]]>

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