WooCommerce Checkout Extra options



Customization of wooCommerce plugins using hooks like remove shipping address from checkout rename add to cart button different -2 based on products etc and anything you want to make changes in wooCommerce you can use this plugins and make changes.You can make changes in wooCommerce plugins without editing its core files.

A brief Markdown Example

Ordered list:

  1. Modified the WooCommerce Checkout page as per your requirements.
  2. Change the product add to card text name for different name for each product add to cart button.
  3. You can make changes in wooCommerce plugins without any changes in core file of wooCommerce.



  1. Upload hs_woocommerce_option to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress
  3. This plugins will automaticaly remove the shipping address from checkout page and you can edit the file to change the add to cart button.


Just activate the plugins and read the wooCommerce document and you can make changes based on your requirements.
This is a small wooCommerce shortcode based plugins you can make chages by editing its main file. I mostly used the wooCommerce hooks to modified the wooCommerce plugins without chaging any core file of wooCommerce.

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