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Twitter is everywhere. So why not in your WordPress Dashboard? WordPress Dashboard Tweeter is a Dashboard Widget that displays Twitter @replies, sent direct messages, Retweets, Friends Timeline and favorites the convenient way within your WordPress Dashboard. WordPress Dashboard Tweeter turns your Dashboard into a Twitter client.

The Dashboard widget lets you update your status, follow your mentions and retweets, your friends timeline and your favorites in a simple tab interface. All in a single widget. No seperate admin page needed. All the Twitter stuff you need right where you need it.

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Note: The plugin requires at least WordPress 2.7 and PHP 5 in order to run. The openSSL module is mandatory, too.

At a glance:

  • Twitter OAuth authentication
  • Adds a Twitter Client to your WordPress Dashboard only
  • Display Mentions, Retweets, Timeline and Favorites in a tabbed interface
  • Reply to a Twitter status from within the Dashboard Widget
  • No dedicated page in your WordPress admin panel
  • All customization can be done through the widgets configuration
  • No impact on your blogs frontend or other backend pages
  • Whenever you check your incoming links or WordPress News in the Dashboard, you can check your Twitter status as well

Included languages:

  • English
  • German (de_DE) (Thanks to Robert Pfotenhauer ;-))
  • Italian (it_IT) (Thanks for contributing italian language goes to Gianni Diurno)
  • Danish (da_DK) (Thanks for contributing danish language goes to Georg S. Adamsen)
  • French (fr_FR) (Thanks for contributing french language goes to Didier)
  • Dutch (nl_NL) (Thanks for contributing dutch language goes to Rene)
  • Turkish (tr_TR) (Thanks for contributing turkish language goes to mer Faruk Karabulut)
  • Swedish (sk_SK) (Thanks for contributing swedish language goes to Branco Radenovich)
  • Spanish (es_ES) (Thanks for contributing spanish translation goes to Ibidem Group)

Video Demo


This plugins is released under the GPL, you can use it free of charge on your personal or commercial blog.


  • Thanks to Abraham Williams for the great Twitter library
  • Thanks to all the beta testers



  1. Download the plugin and unzip it.
  2. Upload the folder wp-dashboard-twitter/ to your /wp-content/plugins/ folder.
  3. Activate the plug
    in from your WordPress admin panel.
  4. Installation finished.


If you have suggestions please let us know by dropping us a line via e-mail or the forums.

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