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Sometimes it would be useful to track changes in publishing status throughout time, but native WP revisions will always inherit the parents publishing status.

This plugin enables saving the post status (published, draft, pending, etc) with each revision, so you can track publishing status where you have many users and accountability is desirable.

Available Hooks


You can use this to set up posttypes to track without using the options page. Your function should return an associative array.


 add_filter( 'wp-revised-status_tracked-posttypes', function( $enabled ) {  $enabled['post'] = 1;  $enabled['page'] = 1;   return $enabled;  }   wp-revised-status_untracked-posttypes 

Exactly the inverse of the previous hook. ** What you disable on this hook takes precedence to what you enable in the tracked_posttypes one.


function my_plugin_no_history( $disabled ) {     $disabled['page'] = 1;      return $disabled; } add_filter( 'wp-revised-status_untracked-posttypes', 'my_plugin_no_history' );   wp-status-revised_disable-options 

If you are using the plugin inside a theme or another plugin, and want to disable the options page, you can just do:

add_filter( 'wp-status-revised_disable-options', '__return_true' ) 


Github repository at plugin at



  1. Unzip plugins files in a folder inside /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress


An entry will be created on your post_meta for each revision, that will be deleted whenever a revision is deleted.

Any post type properly registered is supported. You need to enable support for any post type either through the settings page or using the appropriate filters.

Any custom post type registered should work but let me know if it doesnt.

No, sorry. PHP5.3 at a minimum, but at least 5.4 is recommended.

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