wpSOL connects WordPress to the Scouting Nederland OpenID-server to allow people to login and register with their login-account from

this plugin connects over https to to verify the login as part of the openid-standard

bugs and feature-requests can go to: GitHub or WordPress


  • Dutch
  • English



  1. login to and change your role to webmaster.
  2. go to move your mouse over mijn websites and click on voeg beheerde website toe.
  3. enter the domain which is setup for wordpress and select the organization you want to give access.
  4. install and activate the plugin, thats it.


You probably need to add the domain of your website to, you can only do this when you are logged in as a webmaster.
Check the installation-tab for a full explanation of how to do this.

Yes, the OpenID-server is used to identify people and only allow access when they are a member of the right organisation within Scouting Nederland.
To setup the system at Scouting Nederland you need the webmaster-privilege for your scouting-group.

Yes, there is a settings-page where you can setup a redirect after login or logout and setup the Name the user gets in their profile and enforce that.

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